Huun Huur Tu & Bulgarian Angelite Voices: “Fly, Fly, My Sadness”

MUSIC: Exotics Sounds From Far Beyond the Horizon – by Leslie Kandell, The New York Times, November 16, 1997

A FEW seconds of listening to the unnerving, eerie tones of the Throat Singers of Tuva is all it takes to prove that, while technology makes the world seem small, some places are still indeed far away. The four-man Tuvan ensemble’s very name, Huun-Huur-Tu, enhances the feeling of vast distance, as do the names of instruments — igil, byzaanchi and toschpular — that accompany extended growling and whistling songs about the land.

Compared to Tuva, a Siberian republic north of Mongolia, the Bulgarian women’s choir and the Moscow Art Trio, which join Huun-Huur-Tu on their first collaborative tour, come from countries around the corner from the United States. Yet not from next door, either, as demonstrated in the tour program, to be performed on Wednesday at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, the first stop in the United States… [+]

Below, the Bulgarian Voices Angelite choir perform together with Portuguese guitarist and singer-songwriter António Zambujo.