Millionaire – IYEOKA

Antes de iniciar sua carreira musical, em 1996, a multiartista e educadora nigeriana-americana Iyeoka Okoawo (cujo nome significa “I want to be respected”, “Quero ser respeitada”) trabalhava no setor farmacêutico. Fundou o grupo The Rock by Funk Tribe, marcado por influências de jazz, gospel, blues e funk, que, entrelaçados à sua poesia, resultam em uma obra musical profundamente lírica e contemplativa. Poeta, artista, cantora, ativista, educadora e membro da TEDGlobal, Iyeoka tem uma opinião muito firme a respeito de sua arte como instrumento de mensagens conscientizadoras.

It’s a traveling day
I’m on the road tonight
Trying to make it back home to you
You’re probably worried, waiting up like you do
It’s a beautiful thing
To think of you like I do tonight
With all the things that you want to give me
All I need is your love to be the star that guides me

I ain’t rich, I know, oh I know
But I feel like I am a millionaire
I feel like I am a millionaire

Late November on an Indian summer’s afternoon
Leaves are brown and the seasons are changing
And all that I can think of is the love we’re making

All that I need is to be in your arms tonight
Take a pass on the diamonds and things
To make it there beside you I’d give everything

It really doesn’t matter to me
If the world was mine, filled with material things
A fancy car, or a first class ticket to Bali
If I have not love than I have nothing