“I’m going home (to leave my troubles in the graveyard)”: Soundtracks for life (True Detective, Westworld)

Intensive immersion into 2 soundtracks, from 2 TV series, 2 passions: True Detective‘s and Westworld‘s. My life of soundtracks began with Truman Show (1998), therefore over 20 years ago.

Soundtracks: such a great idea, take, “musical course” (always connected to a plot, a narrative, a story).

Westworld‘s soundtrack only confirms that the direction/production transpose the anthropological-technological argument of the plot to the musical dimension: the versions of music, modern or old, pop or classical, played automatically, hands-free, by an old west saloon pianola.

The producers should undertake a promotional action, and give away pianolas programmed to play the very same tunes which feature in the series, so that the fans could have one of their own in their living rooms!

True Detective‘s, on the other hand, excels for evoking that very deep, Americana, wasteland atmosphere depicted in the show, in which wilderness and human nature mix up in the best and the worst there can be.

Don’t want no sorrow
For this old orphan boy
I don’t want no crying
Only tears of joy
I’m gonna see my mother
Gonna see my father
And I’ll be bound for glory
In the morning
When I go away
I’ll be lifted up to the clouds
On the wings of an angel
There’s only flesh and bones
In the ground
Where my troubles will stay
(Levon Helm, “When I go away”)