Dinosaurs will die – NOFX

This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system, this is the real thing!
Kick back watch it crumble
See the drowning, watch the fall.
I feel just terrible about it
That’s sarcasm, let it burn!
I’m gonna make a toast when it falls apart.
I’m gonna raise my glass above my heart.
Then someone shouts, that’s what they get.
For all the the years of hit and run
For all the piss broke bands on VH-1.
Where did all their money go?
Don’t we all know?
Parasitic music industry
as it destroys itself.
We’ll show them how it’s supposed to be.
Music written from devotion
Not ambition, not for fame.
Zero people are exploited
There are no tricks, up our sleeve.
Were gonna fight against the mass appeal.
Were gonna kill the seven record deal.
Make records…