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tētēma was created as a duo project between Anthony Pateras, an Australian Composer, and Mike Patton, Faith No More frontman. The story of the band’s coming together is actually quite interesting. Geocidal has been in the makings since 2009. Pateras’ desire to be more in tune with rhythm and sound led him to a convent in rural France where he locked himself in for 10 days.

The rest is history as Pateras reunited with Tetema in San Francisco and the duo finalized the album within 48 hours. As a result, all the songs on the album are said to be very different as the group worked hard to push their boundaries and record each track in a unique way. Each track was created live with no sampling or sequencing involved.

Pateras spoke more about the album, “The interesting thing about the record is that every element is recorded in a different country, and this gives the sound a displaced, almost vaporous intensity. I moved country twice during its genesis as well… the whole Geocidal thing is about coming from no place, re-birthing, watching the place you are from be altered beyond recognition that you have nothing to do with it anymore.”

Tetema’s new song “Tenz” follows suit as there is wide variation of sound occurring within the track. According to The Quiets, “Patton’s incantatory vocals surface and we skirt through jazzy touches and gentle inflections of contrabass recorder (one of many orchestral instruments that feature on the album) and synth, culminating in a full-on, howled assault”.

Video by Sabina Maselli

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