Slaughterhouse – POWERMAD

Powermad is an American speed metal band, formed in Minneapolis in 1984. The group has been called “An innovative and often forgotten speed metal band…who infused progressive metal styles and European styles into abstract American speed metal.” The band’s intricate riff formulations were heavily influenced by thrash metal acts like Metallica and Testament. Vocalist Joel DuBay’s singing is easily recognizable with his mixture of singing and high screams. They are in David Lynch’s Wild at heart (1990). There is a scene in which John Cage and Laura Dern enter a roadside bar and the band are playing live. It’s also the song which Atari Teenage Riot took their “Speed” track sample from.

Caught by justice, killed a criminal
Self-defense, your plan
Tried to honor, could not obey
Time to feel their wrath
Put in prison, set on Death Row
Awaiting hell’s black door
Pondering death, wishing for life
You will feel no more
Ripping and tearing
Into your flesh
Feeling the needles from hell
Strapped in the chair
Hood over your head
Sniffing no cyanide smell
Struggle and struggle
There is nowhere to turn
Bowing your head for the kill
Tasting your life as it slips by
If you don’t, the Slaughterhouse will
Can you see me, I’m invisible
Can you feel my wrath
I can conquer, I can hold you
In the Slaughterhouse
House, Slaughterhouse


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