Servitude – Fishbone

Fishbone é uma banda americana de rock alternativo que toca uma fusão de ska, punk rock, funk metal e muito mais. A banda foi formada em 1979 em Los Angeles por Angelo Moore, que usa o nome artístico de Dr. Madd Vibe (vocais, variando de saxofones sopranino até bases com teremin); Kendall Jones (guitarra); John Norwood Fisher (baixo), Felipe “Peixe” Fisher (bateria), “Dirty” Walter A. Kibby III (vocal e trompete) e Chris Dowd (teclados, trombone, vocal). O grupo veio da mesma cena de Los Angeles, onde surgiram bandas como Red Hot Chili Peppers e Jane’s Addiction.

Who, Who do you serve?
For whose empire and for whose whims?
Is your honor judged by men?
Will you lie?
Will you lie if they say it’s their will?
Will you die or continue to kill?
Until the generals all ahve their fill

Craven Cowards
Armchair Warriors
You will serve Them well

What, what will you write?
For whose pleasure, for whose delight?
Will your readers see your light?
Will you say…That the singer can’t blow you away?
That we hate people just ‘cause they’re gay
Women and children all stay away

To whom, whom do you pray?
Do dollars wash your sins away?
Does God love cold hard cash?
Do you say…If we all just continue to pay
All our ailments will go away
And our souls will be saved

God’s not with you
“Holy Roller”
Your heart dwells in Hell

Why, Why do you run?
Our awareness has spoiled your fun
Our eyes see you too clear
Will you hide
From the joy of expressing our pride
For the leaders and people who’ve died
While combating your genocide

Chains are breaking
Minds are waking
Soon we’ll serve no more…

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