Words of wisdom: music and the business

“Money break groups up like The 5 Heartbeats…” (Wyclef Jean)


“It’s our responsibility as musicians to keep it fresh, to keep it interesting, and for the most part, musicians don’t. They’re very willing to conform to whatever is cool and whatever makes money. It sounds mean, but what really I meant was it’s our responsibility  to keep music alive, and by making it a business that’s not doing anybody any favors. Sure, you put a little bit in your pocket, but that’s not the right way to go….” (Mike Patton)

Many an artist in the music business is actually an entrepreneur: making money is more important than making music. Byung-Chul Han argues that entrepreneurs, whatever their field might be, don’t know “what purpose-free friendship would even look like. Originally, being free meant being among friends. ‘Freedom’ and ‘friendship’ have the same root in Indo-European languages. Fundamentally, freedom signifies a relationship. A real feeling of freedom occurs only in a fruitful relationship – when being with others brings happiness.”(Psychopolitics: neoliberalism and new technologies of power)

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