School’s for fools – LIFE, SEX & DEATH

Of all the preposterous, phony baloney publicity stunts concocted by artists and their record companies in an attempt to stand out from the competition, few can compete with the gimmick devised for Los Angeles’ Life, Sex & Death (LSD, get it?), whose lead singer, simply known as Stanley, was said to be a homeless street person. Dressed to look like a nattier Tom Waits in the band’s press photos, Chris Stann, as his true name was later revealed to be, made for quite a contrast against his production-line glam metal bandmates, guitarist Alex Kane, bassist Bill E. Gar, and drummer Brian Michael Horak. But Stanley’s growling, resonant vocals weren’t half bad (in a pre-grunge sort of way), his lyrics were far more intelligent and thought-provoking than those of most L.A. bands, and the even-steven blend of hard rock and metal on the group’s 1992 eponymous album was in fact quite competent, despite its overall predictable aesthetics. So in light of Life, Sex & Death’s unqualified commercial failure and quick disintegration just a few years after forming, it’s actually quite possible (heck, make that a certainty) that the entire homeless person ruse only did more damage to the band’s career prospects in the end. Nice try, though, Warner Bros. (

What are we/what are we gonna be/what are we?
Simple to govern, easy to lead?
Clock’s tickin’ slow it’s a quarter to three
What do you learn in school
School’s for fools
What do they teach you now
School’s for fools
Early in the morning you’re late for class
Schoolboy policeman busts your ass
Teacher tells you what to say
Teacher tells you what to say and what to do and teacher tells you when to pray
A-B-C-D-E-F-G you want to tell your teacher about L.S.D.
Teacher tells you form a line
Single file lemmings up against the wall
Burn the books and save the mind
What do you learn…nothing
What do you learn in school
What do you learn…nothing


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