What about us? – MINISTRY

Just like another speck of dust that’s on the highway of life
He Screams at anyone who’ll listen that the end is in sight
So then he circles the wagons or he just circles then quits
Cause the Highway could become the final battling pit
So when the company wants, Another problem resolved
Or if the company wants a choice of nothing at all
Point your thumb out to the highway through the heat and the dust
And raise your finger in the middle till you shout:

“What About Us!” x 4

Just like another last call, it means nothing at all
You either kiss a lot of ass, or tear the clock off the wall
Another warning ignored another sign of the times
They say the sky is gonna fall, so why not drink till your blind
So when the company wants another company-man
Or when the company wants another 1,000 year plan
You’ll let your boot go up the road you cannot possibly trust
Till the screaming hits the ceiling and you ask:

“What About Us?” x5
“What About Us?” x4

Don’t follow my path to extinction, if I had a mind I’d leave it alone
We speak of aliteration, can’t even get on medication
Like a journey to the inside of carnal-fiction
Release yourself where the preditor prays, rewind your mind, freeze your

World apart

Wage war on the eye which cannot see
Destroy the temple of emptyness
And what about them in the wake of damnation
And what about us? Do We come from God?”

Just like the old soft shoe or the old song and dance
The only check that’s in the mail is prob’ly already cashed
Are you a victim of chance? is this the way to succeed?
Or just a crack in the wall of what the people believe
So when the company wants the final weapon online
When the company wants to reposess your mind
You gotta wonder if the fear that we loathe or trust
Would ever waste a precious second trying to answer:

What about us x 6

Do We Come from God?
What about them (echos and fades out)

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