Mystify Michael Hutchence – Official Trailer (Netflix)

‘Mystify’ Documentary About INXS’ Michael Hutchence Will Have One-Night U.S. Theater ShowingBillboard, 10/16/2019

Hutchence’s longtime friend Richard Lowenstein shares a deep look into the late singer’s life, loves, ambitions — and an assault that changed him forever.

Michael Hutchence’s attention spans the trees while walking through an olive grove. He can’t help but focus on how these ancient shrubs were nearly “immortal.” Untouched, some can even live over 1000 years. “They’re old, and we’ll never be,” he says.

It’s a poignant observation by the INXS singer, who died at the age of 37, in a clip from Mystify: Michael Hutchence, a documentary directed by longtime friend and collaborator Richard Lowenstein. It leaves very little mystique around Hutchence — specifically, his untimely death in 1997. Filled with intimate interviews and new revelations, Mystify is the most visceral look at Hutchence as a person and unravels the story of someone who wanted to be more than a sexy rock star, craved companionship and friendship, and left the world too soon. Billboard can exclusively reveal that it is playing in U.S. theaters for one night only, on Jan. 7, 2020 (Shout! Factory/Fathom Events); for ticket information, go here.

Lowenstein’s connection with Hutchence and INXS occurred after meeting the singer in Nice, France, in 1984. From there, he went on to direct 16 of the band’s videos, including “Never Tear Us Apart,” “Listen Like Thieves,” “Suicide Blonde” and “New Sensation.” Hutchence also starred as Sam, the singer of a band in Lowenstein’s 1986 film “Dogs in Space” (an examination of Melbourne’s post-punk “little band” music scene) and worked with the director during his brief, ill-fated solo excursion from INXS, Max Q, in 1989.


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