Remember we – Da Bush Babees

Uhh – huh, sing, original
Yeah, one o’ my top bone
Now it’s a way o’ today
Whenever I’ve a thing I used to move on, away
But now we make-ah flakes and I drive to get paid
I might give dem a cause, ay, and you gon astray

[Chorus ](x2)
Remember we
When, whenever abnormally
Remember we
When, whenever on the CD
Remember we
When, whenever on the party
Remember we
When we used to live a gone dream

[Verse 1 – Babe-B-Face]
As my thoughts manifest, brain cells bust, lyrics react
I think about the days when there was no contract
I used to hop the train, becuz I had no dough
Playin’ beats on the chairs and I thus began to flow
Momma said everyday’s like this
When the baby face kept askin’ “Can I get paid for lyrics?”
But anyway, uhmmm – By the time I was a toddler
A kid that understood he wasn’t wanted by his father
Starin’ out the window, broke like Mr. Wendal
And nobody knows the troubles that I went through
To get here, but where is here in this case?
No friends, no foes – Just people smilin’ in yo face
But uh… momma said life’s a double headed knife
Either you stab or get stabbed, either you paid or you pay the price
So people listen when I start to flow
But I’m that same baby face from a while ago
So yo, remember we, remember this, remember us, son?
Paid in the shade, run like Jack and get nickels, son
Thanks to those that’s down to support us
Y-Tee bust the chat, bring back the chorus

[Chorus ](x2)

[Verse 2 – Mister Man]
Do you remember how it was when we were not who we are now?
That we become what we became, and you didn’t know the name?
I never really was all of that, but nowadays, my man, if you phat, you phat
Most thought that I was corny, callin’ me a wack ass
But now who’ s the jackass, kissing my black ass?
Girls never kissed me, always tried to diss me
But now its like the whole world is hangin’ with me
Is it – because I – never – ever
Sever my connection with my personal reflection?
I simply started rappin’ and lookin’ at is happenin’
Everytime I come around, people started clappin’
And I (I…)
Do not understand what is the reason for the treasonal behavior
Save that nonsense for later
It seems you have forgotten that the original bein’ that you’re seein’
Was not always emceein’
I used to get rejected, neglected and ejected
Disrespected, treated like I was infected
Now everybody seems to think that here is where it’s at
But you were sayin’ I would never get phat, remember that?

[Chorus ](x2)

I’z a member
When, whenever of a thing
I’z a member
Is what the Y-Tee ah-sing
I’z a member
When, whenever of a thing
Do you remember the song where they get the people sing

[Chorus ](x2)


[Bleu Buttaflyze – Skit]

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