Variation – Munkh-Erdene

MUNKH-ERDENE Chuluunbat Mongolia’ s award winning board harp player
Munkh-Erdene was born in 1975 in Ulaanbaatar, 1988-1994 went to Music College of Ulaanbaatar.
Since 1994 she has been teaching at Music College and at the same time worked by Morin Khuur orchestra and Folk Song and Dance Ensemble.
Ch. Munkh – Erdene’ s performance on the Curved Board Harp (Yatag) has it’s own unique features and novelties. Her courageous initiatives and her search for innovations keep audiences on their toes, and enrich the repertoire of the instrument. She has introduced many new performing techniques and skills in playing the harp, such as sliding fingers, playing with the nails, and tremolo using her knuckles. In 2002 she performed her first Sole Musical Concert named A melody that tuned in Altai. In 2004 performed her second Sole Musical Concert named the legend of the Butterfly lovers.
In 2002 played with symphonic orchestra of Zaparoje, in Ukraine.
In 2003 played with symphonic orchestra of Laar City, in Germany.
In 2004 played in the concert which is for yatga and symphonic orchestra of N.Jantsannorov accompanied with symphonic orchestra of Stuttgart and in 2008 played with symphonic orchestra of Jena City, Germany successfully.
In 2004, Munkh-Erdene was the “best solo musician” and in 2005 the “Best of Best” solo musicians of the music festival” Golden Autumn” in Mongolia. 2008 she was awarded with 1st Prize at the National competition for Professional musicians in Mongolia.