Buffalo – STUMP

Listening to an interview with Trey Spruance, who recommended a band named STUMP.

From the 1988 album A Fierce Pancake https://www.discogs.com/Stump-A-Fierc…

First time I heard about Stump was in 1990. Mike Patton mentioned A Fierce Pancake as one of his favourite albums of the past year in a ‘best of’ list in an issue of Metal Maniacs. Also mentioned was Ozma by the Melvins and Wrong by Nomeansno, among others. A couple of years later, I saw the video for Buffalo on Much Music. My reaction was “Hey, it’s that band!!!” A couple more years later, I made friends with some people who were confessed Stump fanatics. I was given A Fierce Pancake to listen to and the rest is history.

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