“One Love” by Bholenath (song lyrics below)

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‘Rise Up – to the Most High Awakening’, ‘By Your Grace’ & ‘Jai Sahaja! Live Bhajans’

“One Love” was performed at the end of the 27th May Satsang in Monte Sahaja, Portugal:
“Freedom at the Eleventh Hour”, on Moojiji Youtube:…

Mooji Mala Music emanates from Heart Satsangs with Mooji. It is true soul music that uplifts the spirit and fills the heart with love and joy. Enjoy!
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“One Love”
Thank You Father for letting me hear your song even while I sleep
Thank you Father for letting me hear your voice underneath every noise
Thank You Father every moment of joy, every moment of pain.. is filled with your grace
I see them, I hear them, I speak with them and I am still alone Alone, Alone, Alone
Father I am alone, alone with you and with you alone
Father I am alone inside your heart every battle is won
By your grace alone, by your grace alone
Father you are alone you are all in one, you are one in all
Alone, Alone, Alone
Thank you my Lord for letting me see your eyes, even just for one time
Thank you my Lord for letting me walk with you, even just for one time
Thank you Father, I know this is your will, so take everything, leave only one shrine
Where I come on my knees, where there’s justice and peace, where alone You exist
My father is One, my Father is love
One love, One Love, One Love
Father we are One Love, and you are the One and you are the Love
Was I ever born?
Or there is only One, One Love, One Love that gave life to us all, to us all, to us all
..that sees everything and protects everyone, gives them what they need, gives them what they want
how merciful you are my Lord, my Lord, One Love
Could I ever love, could this love be mine?
Tell me what is this love that shines from the infinite heart of the Lord, my Lord
…and it’s bound to awaken in the heart of all
Oh friend, rejoice! rejoice! be happy and rejoice for it will awaken in the heart of all, of all, of all
One love is pure, One love is whole, One Love is for all One love never comes, One love never goes
It is not concerned with anything at all, at all, at all.
It is ever free it is ever pure
It is all that only One Love can be.
It is my Father and it’s also his son
One Love Alone, One Love Alone ,One Love Alone

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