TREVOR DUNN: “The hard thing to do is to keep it simple”

PEEK-A-BOO Magazine, 29/11/2019

This year, Trevor Dunn releases his new album. And like previous ones, “Nocturnes” became one more proof of Dunn’s composer talent. Each of his releases is something slightly different from previous ones. This paradigm started back in the 1990’s, when being a member of Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn started exploring the abilities of musical forms and stylistic boarders. And cultivating a certain kind of attitude that followed their music.
Inspired by many different things, Mr.Bungle united them into one form unlike other bands or artists. And, this is the thing Trevor Dunn successfully continues to do. His projects are various. Various vibes and lines, and ideas. The only thing that united all these numerous bands is his sources of inspiration and desire to do something unlike each other. In the interview with Peek-A-Boo magazine, Trevor Dunn told us about coming reunion shows of Mr. Bungle and his trash-metal roots, about writing “Nocturnes” for decades and his coming releases, about playing live and contiguity, about anniversary of “California” and creative authenticity.Recently, Ipecac recordings announced a serious of reunion shows of Mr. Bungle. So let me ask you, how did everything come about with it ?

Well, I actually had the idea of doing this a while ago. After meeting Dave [Lombardo] and playing in Fantômas. Our first demo was very much trash-metal and very much based on the music we were listening to in the 80’s. Like all those bands: Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Destruction, Kreator, Mercyful Fate. We were in all that stuff! And after playing with Dave, I realized: “Men, we should re-do that music!” Because it was never recorded very well…I just felt – that music was written in four days with him in mind, ultimately. And it would be fun to re-do it. Also, I think it’s the way to show that we took that music really seriously. It wasn’t a joke to us. Those songs, I think, deserved to be performed. We rarely played that. We got only a few gigs with that music in the 80’s. So yeah, I was hanging up with Mike [Patton] and Dave[Lombardo] and Trey [Spruance] at a stage of Dead Cross show, that Secret Chiefs 3 had been open up for. So we were all there, hanging out together. That’s when I’d reached the subject. Everyone was like: “Yeah, man! That sounds cool!” – that as a couple of years, actually. And then like a year ago, I brought it up again. We started talking about it and decided to add Scott [Ian] to it. And…yeah, that’s how it came about!

[Full interview]


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