Execution (3x)
Watch your head

Watch your head

Watch my head? Oh man you better watch your brain
Because 24 hours of your life sucks
Is more than enough to drive you insane

Execution…Terrorize. Execution…Traumatize. Execution…Terrifies
Watch your head
Execution…Desensitize. Execution…Dehumanize. Execution…Demoralize
Watch your head

Sick and fucking tired
Of all the fucking dead
That’s all that we are watching
That’s all that we are fed
Day of night, black or white
Blood is running red
People on fire, people losing heads

Nobody gets out alive
Nobody can close their eyes
Nobody gets to survive
Nobody can be surprised

Oh man. Here they go again
Another cycle…from Robin to Rachel
It’s gonna over and over again
More and more and more
Faster faster faster faster

Execution (3x)
Watch your head

Execution…Westernize. Execution…

Demoralize. Execution…Secularize
Watch your head

Fortifies. Execution…

The hate in your eyes. Execution…

They despise
Watch your head


/Execution (3x)
Watch your head

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