Tredici Bacci is over to moon to present a celebratory, revelatory, delightfully pell-mell selection of musical triumphs spanning from their humble Boston beginnings to its most recent Big Apple triumphs. This compilation is not designed to be a relaxing stroll down memory lane; rather it is a no-breaks-dive-bomb-near-vertical deluge along the slopes and inversions of the mountainous pseudo-italian hillside, gleefully dismantling every musical obstacle which may lie in its path.

It is also meant as a testament, via reflection, of the breathtaking leaps and bounds that can be made by a group of musicians when they put their minds and spirits to it. In our current situation it becomes all the more important to recognize the power of collaboration, in any form, so that when the opportunity comes for us all to make music together again, we can approach it from a fresh perspective – rejuvenated, inspired and firm in the belief that musicians are capable of anything – and behold, if needed, the evidence: Fancy Mess.

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