MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*​: Halloween

MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*: Bereshith by Secret Chiefs 3

Warm greetings to the curious listener, Trey Spruance writing here.
Thanks for all the positive feedback for this idea! Here we are with the first Geek Pack, thanks to you!

First off, for those who are curious about this (but not THAT curious!) I’ve enabled public listening on a couple alternate mixes of “Bereshith”. Listen a little deeper into various aspects of the piece without purchasing all the stems. Voilá!

For those wishing to go deeper:

Welcome to (and thank you for purchasing!) the first SC3 Geek Pack. My intention here is to open a window on some of the musical subleties that lie buried in the dense fog of SC3 mixes. I also want to give creative types some hands-on freedom to explore the mixing process in-depth. Moreover, I intend that the Geek Packs would shed light on some of the many proprietary •techniques• involved in creating a final Secret Chiefs 3 recording. This won’t be so much a “basic recording and mixing 101” as a big window opening onto the over-arching •process• by which things finally come together (a different process for each song, and radically so for each satellite band). More than just offering stems, which are all at zero-point and you are free to load into your DAW and mix at leisure, I aim to… more

released April 13, 2017

“Bereshith” written and produced by Trey Spruance.

Trey Spruance – electric and acoustic saz, nevel, dotar, daf, tar, hammond organ, chroma analog synth, casio AT-1
Peijman Kouretchian drums
Eyvind Kang – viola
Rich Doucette – esraj
Jason Schimmel – bass
Mike Dillon – tabla
Ryan Parrish – kaval

© all rights reserved

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