HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA [HCT] – Kickstarter for Band Launch (2021)

For those who know and appreciate Estradasphere’s music, some very good news: High Castle Teleorkestra is a fresh collaborative project — a music ensemble — formed of 3 Estradasphere members (Tim Smolens on bass, Dave Murray on drums, Timba Harris on violins), 2 former Mr. Bungle members (Bär McKinnon on sax, Danny Heifetz on drums), joined by Stian Carstensen (Farmer’s Market), on accordeon, and Chris Bogen (Doc Booger) on guitars.

HCT came to life as a remote collaboration between Tim Smolens and Chris Bogen, a guitarist from Louisianna who happened to be a big fan of Estradasphere, and got in touch with Smollens. It soon became a fertile music partnership. According to Bogen, in the video below, Smollens “drafted him out of the streets” after they became acquainted and got along so well musically. Their sense of humor is imprinted in their music, being inseparable from their musical DNAs.

According to Smolens, and this also applies to Estradasphere, HCT is not actually a metal band, in a world in which “either bands are metal, or they aren’t”. Most have to choose: either… or… HCT ignores such a dilemma — such a narrow-minded self-limitation. They are musicians who love music as such, regardless of the origin, or the label, and simply cannot be bound to a single genre or style. It’s not a hype thing, not a trend, reason why some listeners may find the music a bit ‘extemporary’, so to speak, with little or no commercial appeal in a world of massive shitty “music”. That’s actually a compliment, and it reflects a highly positive quality, an unlikely set of virtues and principles, both esthetical and ethical.

The listener can expect the same level of creativity and inventivity way, the same passion for music and for life beyond standards and conventional structures of composition; a highly ecletic, versatile supergroup whose music encompasses surf music, film soundtrack-like themes, some variety of metal genres, a little prog, some glitch, Balkan and Middle-Eastern influences, and so much more — often within the extension of a single track. Highly-talented (gifted) musicians who love making music together and having fun in the process. A fabulous — sometimes intense, sometimes suave — musical immersion…

Here is a promotional video featuring some of the members, who share their insights on the group and its music:


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