How Man on Man Created a DIY Album During the Pandemic

ROLLING STONE, April 15, 2021

The duo — couple Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman — also debut their latest video for the song “It’s So Fun (to Be Gay)”, from their Man on Man album, out May 9th

When Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum and his boyfriend Joey Holman visited Oxnard, California, a town 60 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, last year to handle a family matter, they suddenly found themselves isolated due to pandemic lockdown restrictions. So the couple started making music together. 

“Roddy was just like, ‘We’re both musicians, let’s just do it to pass time.’ At first, we were just going to share with our friends,” Holman explains. Then, after releasing their first track and video, “Daddy,” under their new Man on Man moniker last May, they experienced a surge of gratitude and support from new fans who discovered their music and loved the video that showed the couple dancing and singing in little more than white briefs. “They were like, ‘Thank you, I see myself in this. This is me.’ Which is so cool! People have never seen two gay guys who are a couple making the kind of music we’re making, writing about what we’re writing about, displaying it in the way we’re displaying it.”

They continued to write songs after they left L.A. and headed back east, but before reaching their home in New York, they decided to take a detour to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to decompress — where they wrote the song “It’s So Fun (to Be Gay),” which they’re now debuting, along with a new video… [+]

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