No Surprises / Black Hole Sun / House of the Rising Sun – RAMIN DJAWADI

Play it again, Ram: meet the man behind Westworld’s old-timey rock covers – Gwilym Mumford | The Guardian, 23 October 2016

Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi says his saloon-bar versions of Radiohead and Rolling Stones songs remind viewers of HBO’s sci-fi drama that things are not what they seem

Unless you’ve spent the past three weeks living in the actual wild west, you will have heard of – if not already become addicted to – Westworld, HBO’s sci-fi mystery about a theme park populated by sentient robot cowboys. One of the most talked-about elements of the show is its soundtrack, which features old-timey western renditions of rock hits. So far, we’ve been treated to Radiohead and Soundgarden performed on a saloon-bar player piano, and an orchestral version of the Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black, which provided the dramatic soundtrack to a climactic, and gory, gun battle in the show’s opening episode… [+]


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