Pote Then Inaiarga / Proxer – Jason Schimmel’s RED FICTION

Ghettoblaster, November 12, 2020

Red Fiction founded in 2012 by Jason Schimmel in Los Angeles, California and has two prior releases under the Atomic Ape moniker: a full length album, Swarm, and 7” vinyl, Rampage, were both released in 2014 on Web of Mimicry. Jason Schimmel, who plays guitar, keyboard and bouzouki in Red Fiction is also a current member of Secret Chiefs 3, a band founded by Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Faith No More), is a founding member of the defunct band, Estradasphere, and has performed concerts throughout the world with John Zorn’s Masada project.

Not to be overlooked, Red Fiction is also made up of Ryan Parrish (tenor and baritone saxophone), Max Whipple (bass), and Shawn Baltazor (drums) and has toured with Mike Watt, Behold the Arctopus, INUS, Neil Hamburger, Fartbarf, Duk, Burning Ghosts, Qui, Corima, and Major Entertainer.

Red Fiction’s latest, Visions of the Void, was composed, recorded and produced by Schimmel at The Bunker LA, in Los Angeles and was mixed by Justin Phelps (Mr. Bungle, Dead Kennedys, The Mars Volta, Poison Idea, Amanda Palmer, Cake) and Schimmel at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. This album will be available on John Zorn’s label, Tzadik Records, November 13, 2020, and can be ordered here… [full article]

Jason Schimmel – guitar
Ryan Parrish – baritone sax
Max Whipple – bass
Shawn Baltazor – drums


Edited and mixed by Jason Schimmel

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