MR. BUNGLE In A Nutsac: “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” Mini Movie

Video compilation of the Mr. Bungle “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” 2020 Tour | Los Angeles, CA – San Francisco, CA – Brooklyn, NY. Provided to you by: Patton Companion (Malocchio)

The 2020 reunion of Mr. Bungle was, at least for myself, one of the most important moments in music history. I know I was definitely not alone in (prior to the announcement) thinking that Mr. Bungle was just something that I had to accept that I would never get a chance to experience live. I was just a bit too young at the time they were playing their last shows in my area. The thought of a reunion was something I would never let myself entertain, it seemed it was just a sad fact of life that it would never happen. You can probably imagine (or maybe even shared similar emotions), the all out hysteria that broke out following the announcement last summer, that Mr. Bungle would be reuniting for a handful of shows.

Another reason this reunion was such an immensely and ridiculously huge deal for me, is because Mr. Bungle’s first demo, “The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny” (1986) was my first introduction to the band when I was a wee teen. I acquired a copy from a friend’s older brother, and it remained a favorite throughout the years. So previously, if any thought of a reunion in and of itself was considered a waste of a daydream, forget completely about any hopes of ever hearing any of the tracks from this demo being performed live by Mr. Bungle, right? Jesus fucking Christ. (Hence the all out hysteria).

Being able to see this live was an experience that I couldn’t possibly begin to describe or explain in a way that could ever do it any justice. Its been almost exactly a month now since the shows, and that excitement is still pulsating through my brain. I felt like I needed to make some sort of tribute to the events or what have you, before all of this extra pressure mounting in my head exploded into a visceral mess. This video is a sort of highlight reel, with some of the stand out moments throughout the tour from each city. I didn’t include every song from their setlist, however, because I thought if it ran any longer in length that nobody would watch it (haha). I started collecting video and photos after the first show in LA, and started editing footage shortly afterward. It took nearly a month to complete, but I feel it was worth every second. Please know that if I could have done any better in assembling this video, that believe me, I would have. I’m still definitely a novice to the world of video editing. I know there’s probably a good amount people out there who will complain (aren’t there always?) about the use of effects and overlays and such. So to get the question of why I used any/so many effects and shit out of the way, I did it because I was trying to create something new or different. All of the footage used in this video is already out there online in its original format. I was trying to avoid feeling as if I were just re uploading someone else’s videos. I was also trying to go for a sort of worn out VHS feel with a bit of added humor. Kinda like those old live video comps bands used to put out back in the day. Like the old Target Home Videos and shit. So hopefully that jives.

Also thanks to everyone who attended these shows for all of the absolutely outstanding photos and videos they captured and shared with the world online. I did my best at trying to retain an accurate credit list (at end of the video), but if I happened to miss any names in the process, for that I am truly sorry.

Thanks for watching!

  1. Songs (in order of appearance):
  2. “World Up My Ass” 00:33
  3. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” 03:48
  4. “Anarchy Up Your Anus” 05:11
    (with Jed Watts)
  5. “Malfunction” 11:02
    (with Harley Flanagan)
  6. “Hypocrites” 16:45
  7. “Hell Awaits” 18:14
  8. “Summer Breeze” 23:23
  9. “Eracist” 26:47
  10. “Fuck The USA” 33:01
  11. “Bungle Grind” (End Credits) 36:15

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