The Zenith Passage is an American technical death metal band from Los Angeles, California founded in 2012. They are currently signed to Unique Leader Records. To date they have released one EP, Cosmic Dissonance, and one LP, Solipsist. They are closely linked with fellow Los Angeles technical death metal band The Faceless. The Zenith Passage’s Justin McKinney would join The Faceless to play guitar in 2015, replacing Wes Hauch, who contributed his own guitar work and composition to the song “Hypnogogia” on the band’s debut album “Solipsist” was produced in part by The Faceless’ Michael Keene. The band went on tour as part of Metal Sucks Devastation of the Nation tour, supporting Cryptopsy and Decrepit Birth.

Neuroscientific amelioration
Dawned an age of nefarious ascendance
Unto a Deus Deceptor
Shorn from inferior mammalian cognition

Resultant carnage perveys en masse essential organs
Harvested forth to entwine in synaptic mesh
A sum of parts molested by pestilential motive
Panoramic throbbing web of shattered viscera

Bleak metallic landscape encapsulating
Goliath infrastructure

Incalculable processes
Fabricate from null encompassing diffusion of illusion

Born from amassed recollection of sensory experience
Altogether indistinguishable from sensations of the flesh

Digitized reproduction
Supplants genuine biological conceptualized form

False consciousness
Fictitious existence
Our mechanical mother
The Deus Deceptor

Fabricate, Encapsulate, Terminate

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