Modern Music’s Death By Auto-Tune – RICK BEATO

Richard Beato (born April 24, 1962) is an American musician, songwriter, audio engineer, record producer, and YouTube personality who lives in Georgia, United States. He has written songs with, and produced music for, a variety of musical artists, including Needtobreathe, Parmalee, and Shinedown. Beato is also CEO and co-founder of Nuryl, an education-based company that produces an eponymous “Baby Brain Training App”.

Beato began his YouTube career in 2015 after posting a video of his youngest son, Dylan, who is able to identify individual notes within complex chords after just one hearing. This video of his son’s display of perfect pitch received 3 million views, causing Beato to decide to parlay his social media fame into a full-fledged YouTube channel. On August 27, 2019, Beato received the Golden Play Button from YouTube when he achieved 1 million subscribers. As of June 2021, the YouTube channel has 2.3 million subscribers.

Beato’s channel is under his own name, although he introduces every video with the title “Everything Music”. One series in the channel is called What Makes This Song Great?, in which Beato deconstructs and discusses the elements of popular songs. The videos in the series regularly get over one million views.

In one video, Beato enlists the help of Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X and virtuoso guitarist Eric Johnson to re-interpret the guitar solo on Led Zeppelin’s iconic “Stairway to Heaven”. Beato and Phil X play the guitar solo in the styles of Peter Frampton and Eddie Van Halen, respectively, while Johnson plays it in his own style.

Beato has been vocal about the issue of fair use. Several of his videos, including those about Radiohead and Fleetwood Mac, were taken down from the YouTube platform because of copyright claims. In July 2020, Beato testified before a United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary on the subject of fair use.

In this episode I discuss the over use and impact of Auto-Tune which has become ubiquitous in all genres of modern music.


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