BEASTIE BOYS – Shake Your Rump / Hold It Now

Yo, Leroy
Ahh, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Why don’t you hook up that def jam right about now?

Now I chill real ill when I start to chill
When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills
Sippin’ pints of ale out the window sill
When I get my fill I’m chilly chill

Now, I just got home because I’m out on bail
What’s the time? It’s time to buy ale
Peter eater, parking meter all of the time
If I run out of ale, it’s Thunderbird wine

Miller drinkin’, chicken eatin’, dress so fly
I got friends in high places that are keepin’ me high
Get down with Mike D And it ain’t no hassle
I got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle

Hold it now, hit it
Yo, Leroy
It’s my drum, it’s my, hold it now, it’s my rhyme

Now it’s me, Adam Yauch, in the place to be
All the girls are on me ‘cause I’m down with Mike D
I’m down with Mike D and it ain’t no baloney
For real, not phony, O.E. and Rice-a-Roni

I come out at night ‘cause I sleep all day
Well, I’m the King Ad-Rock and he’s MCA
Well I’m cruisin’, I’m bruisin’, I’m never ever losin’
I’m in my car, I’m going far and dust is what I’m usin’

Around the way is where I’m from
And I’m from Manhattan and I’m not a bum
Because you’re pud-slapping, ball-flapping, got that juice
My name’s Mike D and I can do that Jerry Lewis

Hold it now hit it
Yo, Leroy
Yo, that was real def man, try that again, man
I like that def stuff, boy

Hip-hop, body rockin’, doing the do
Beer drinkin’, breath stinkin’, sniffin’ glue
Belly fillin’, always illin’, bustin’ caps
My name’s Mike D and I write my own snaps

I’m a peep-show seekin’ on the Forty-deuce
I’m a killer at large and I’m on the loose
Pistol packin’, Monkey drinkin’, no money bum
I come from Brooklyn ‘cause that’s where I’m from

Cheap-skate, perpetrating, money hungry jerk
Everyday I drink O.E. and I don’t go to work
You drippy nose knuckle-head, you’re wet behind the ears
You like men, and we like beer (beer, beer, beer)

Hold it now, hit it
Yo, Leroy
Bust that choco-lotto
What? Huh? Yo, man, pass that over here, man, alright

King of the Ave. with the Def female
You’re rhymin’ and stealin’ with the freshest ale
Kid coolin’ at the crib watchin’ my TV
Ed Norton, Ted Knight, and Mr. Ed

Pump it up homeboy, just don’t stop
Chef Boyardee coolin’ on the pot
I take no slack ‘cause I got the knack
And I’m never dusting out ‘cause I torch that crack

The King Ad-Rock, that is my name
Y’all drinking Moët and we got the champagne
A quarter droppin’, going shopping buying wigs
Surgeon general, cut professor, DJ Thigs

Hold it now hit it
Hit it
Hold it now
Yo Leroy

Now I rock a house party at the drop of a hat, yeah
I beat a biter down with an aluminum bat
A lot of people they be jonesin’ just to hear me rock the mic
They’ll be staring at the radio
Staying up all night
So like a pimp I’m pimpin’
I got a boat to eat shrimp in
Nothing wrong with my leg just B-boy limpin’
Got arrested at the Mardi Gras for jumping on a float
My man MCA’s got a beard like a billy goat
Oowah oowah is my disco call
MCA hu-huh, I’m gettin’ rope y’all
Routines, I bust, and the rhymes that I write
And I’ll be busting routines and rhymes all night
Like eating burgers or chicken or you’ll be picking your nose
I’m on time homie that’s how it goes
You heard my style I think you missed the point
It’s the joint

Mike D, yeah? With your bad self running things
What’s up with your bad breath onion rings
Well I’m Mike D and I’m back from the dead
Chillin’ at the beaches down at Club Med
Make another record ‘cause the people they want more of this
Suckers they be saying they can take out Adam Horovitz
Hurricane you got clout
Other DJ’s he’ll take your head out
A puppet on a string I’m paid to sing or rhyme
Or do my thing I’m
In a lava lamp inside my brain hotel
I might be peakin’ or freakin’ but I rock well
The Patty Duke the wrench and then I bust the tango
Got more rhymes than Jamaica got Mango Kangols
I got the peg leg at the end of my stump
Shake your rump

Full clout y’all
Full clout y’all
And when the mic is in my mouth I turn it out y’all
Full clout

Never been dumped ‘cause I’m the most mackinest
Never been jumped ‘cause I’m known the most packinest
Yeah we’ve got beef chief
We’re knocking out teeth chief
And if you don’t believe us you should question your belief Keith
I’m like Sam the butcher bringing Alice the meat
Like Fred Flintstone driving around with bald feet
Should I have another sip no skip it
In the back of the ride and bust with the whippet
Rope a dope dookies all around the neck
Whoo ha got them all in check
Running from the law the press and the parents
Is your name Michael Diamond?
No mine’s Clarence
From downtown Manhattan the village
My style is wild and you know that it still is
Disco bag schlepping and you’re doing the bump
Shake your rump

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