ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT – Lentävä Mato (live)

Jarno Sarkula, frontman of Alamaailman Vasarat has left the building (1973-2020)

16 July 2020 – Jarno Sarkula aka Count Stakula, the majestic frontman of Klezmer-themed Avant-Prog legends Alamaailman Vasarat suffered a fatal stroke last Sunday somewhere on Portuguese soil. He was only 47 years old.Stakula, as his real name was misspelled by a French stage manager while touring with Vasarat, started his professional journey as a bassist in a band called Höyry-kone (“Steam-Machine”) and once he decided to buy a soprano saxophone, he founded Alamaailman Vasarat with drummer Teemu Hänninen. Their first gig was held in February 1999 and their triumphant venture continued for more than 15 years. Sarkula moved to Berlin in 2014 and allegedly was working on a solo album.Their first two albums, Vasaraasia (2000) and Käärmelautakunta (2003) are among the finest music ever produced in Finland, but at the same time Stakula was also a vital part of an important underground culture revolution as a jocular PC game and DVD movie reviewing show host on a short-lived TV channel MoonTV, which transformed the urban youth culture in a significant way by its shameless “Keep calm and get wasted” attitude. RYM – Rate Your Music


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