CRO-MAGS – Between Wars

From the acclaimed 2020 release “In the Beginning” featured in the soundtrack of the movie “Between Wars” Directed by Tom Phillips Starring Michael Imperioli, Harley Flanagan, Dominic Chianese jr.

Between Wars takes an intimate look at the struggle of re-entering civilian life post-combat. Following veteran Marine Franny Malloy (Shaun Paul Costello) as he struggles with integrating himself back into civilian life after returning from the war in Afghanistan. Battling PTSD and self-destructive behaviors, he finds his only hope in fellow Marine turned PTSD psychologist, Sarge, played by Michael Imperioli. Harley Flanagan plays McManus, old school Bronx Irish gangster and general mad man.

Between Wars – Shot in 9 days. With one camera. A team that worked 15 hour days and nights during a heat wave in Philadelphia and the Bronx. No permits, no insurance, barely any money to get food for the cast and crew. Raw independent film making to the core

A percentage of all the proceeds will be donated to Recalibrate.
a tribe of veterans who are banding together to spur one another on to lives of betterment and purpose.





Directed by Alastair “Gee-Lock” Christopher
© Mission Two Entertainment 2020

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