PARIS TEXAS – Heavy Metal

Paris Texas, the Slacker Rap Duo Behind One of 2021’s Defining AlbumsAnOther Magazine, June 15, 2021

Responsible for the one of the strongest, most original releases of 2021, Paris Texas are ripping up the rulebook and having fun doing it

“I live life in a comedy,” raps Louis Pastel in FORCE OF HABIT, the recent single by South Central artists Paris Texas that’s without doubt one of the strongest, most original releases of 2021. Its swaggering, stomping chorus sees the other half of the duo, Felix, chanting the refrain “walking ‘round like I’m the shit” over distorted guitars that instantly bring to mind American slacker bands like Dinosaur Jr and Fugazi. The production feels instinctive, anarchic, without regard for the rulebook, and there’s a sense of two people having fun.

Introduced through a mutual friend, producer Louis Pastel and rapper Felix met in community college in South Central, Los Angeles, and have – officially – been Paris Texas for three years. In February this year, they dropped their debut single HEAVY METAL, an electric rap track with a spiky punk bassline, rock guitars and deafening crash cymbals, a sound reminiscent of Pharrell’s N.E.R.D., just spookier, with a video that sees the pair dragged around the streets of LA bleeding, occasionally shifting into full-face white masks. The track introduced them to the world, albeit without revealing much about who they are. 

A month later they dropped SITUATIONS, a krauty, King Krule-esque rap tune with a video using a 32-bit video game aesthetic to put them into virtual character. Next came FORCE OF HABIT, and the duo prowling around a California car park, hoods up and plaid jackets on, looking like they’ve been cast by Harmony Korine. The same day they dropped their first full-ish length (eight-track) project BOY ANONYMOUS, a release that marks them out as new artists with a comprehensive vision.

Paris Texas give me the same feeling that Odd Future did when I first heard them about a decade ago. Stylistically I don’t think there are too many similarities, but there’s an attitude, a refusal to follow convention, a youthful punk spirit that you can feel all over the music. While I might be scrambling about for references, they don’t sound like anything around right now. I caught up with Louis and Felix, sat at opposite ends of their LA apartment on different Zooms, to find out more… [+]

“Heavy Metal” by Paris Texas

[Verse 1]
I can’t chill with a bop or a bozo
I’m the one dodging bullets in slo mo
lil’ bitch you are not at a dojo
you can’t kick it here here bitch I am JOJO
bizarre how i move when i’m tripping
got these tabs on my tongue like a browser
omg louie over there spittin!
he can beat up this beat for an hour
Bitch from the city of god
everybody you know is a fraud
man i stink someone spray me in BOD
i just wanted my fathers applause
i just wanted my mothers applause
i just wanted these crackers applause
so i stand on the stage with the bars
so i stand on the stage with the boys

[Verse 2]
Bless with my presence say thanks
little bitch what is your rank
Walk in my hood for a second
They might put you in the dirt
Born this way it must be a curse
You drop the song thats the worst
She don’t suck dick that’s a first
said she was playing then she go to work
Aim for her mouth then I burst
like a gun
or a semi
no you ain’t
fucking with me
yea my girls hella pretty
not saditty, they self conscious
insecure, real high emotions
long acrylics to hit all them roaches
but I don’t give two fucks thats my bitch
Ass so fat in them jeans it might rip
Want to move to Atlanta and strip
Hold your tongue with that menacing grip
Got no semi no uzi no clip
just a hundred fist jamming yo shit
on yo tombstone we pissin’ lil’ bitch
since my skin been a solar eclipse
grab Orion belt then you get whipped
you my son you my child you my kid
SSX, lets get tricky lil’ bitch
uber coming you leaving lil’ bitch
you can’t get no high score in this shit

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Directed By Austin-Taylor Richburg
Produced By Philip Miller
Written By Paris Texas & Austin-Taylor Richburg
Edited & Colored By Illimiteworld
Production Company Illimiteworld
Director of Photography Jay Swuen
Key Grip Jon Sohn
Art Assistant Tania Viviana Vera
1st AC Ben Hernandez
2nd AC Fernando Lopez
Steadicam OP Andres G.
Gaffer Preston Maestri
SPFX & Makeup Fara Conley
Stunt Coordinator Tony Snegooff
Film Scan By Fotokem LA

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