SCOTT WALKER – Corps de Blah

From the Bish Bosch album (2012)

[Verse 1]
Hence went and cracked an atom age old egg
Beneath my nose
The sky-clads ash with jettisoning the roost
I’m bumping into leghorns in the darkness
Excuse me
Dear god, excuse me

[Verse 2]
Accrue too flew and burned my teeth
With kitchen matches struck on stone
Boiling owls shriek
Arab widow flayed cadenzas
I’m wading through blue, vacant veins of Sterzing
The chiseller keeps slipping away

[Verse 3]
Cholesteroled mansions crowded with sulphured air
Dip to Kyrie’s lone whistler in the shadows
Scimitar sideburn, charging on the purple purlieus
Scrape to Goitres gray carnation through the stubble
Epicanthic knobbler of ninon
Arch to Macaronic mahout in the mascon

[Verse 4]
Ah, my old scabby Sachem, a sphincters’ tooting our tune
If only ‘I’ could pick you
We’d slosh, we’d slide, we’d cling
‘Round a Kelloggs’ floor
His severed, yellow-eyes weeping
Da da da, da da da
From the spit-roast smoke curling
Da da da, da da da
“Rack off from this ravished slather!”
“Keep your vile rattus small adult hand to yourself!”
“Take your turnshoes and wobble!”
“Turnshoes and wobble!”

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