ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

Aramaic and Sufi experience

Abeer Nehme (Arabic: عبير نعمة‎; born 19 May 1980) is a Lebanese singer and a musicologist. She performs traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional music, Rahbani music, and sacred music from the Syriac-Maronite, Syriac-Orthodox, and Byzantine traditions.

This project aims at showing the richness of our heritage and promoting dialogue among different faiths in the Middle East.

This performance is an approach to have a dialogue between these two sources of oriental mysticism and a hint to promote peace and harmony between different cultures and religions


Abeer Nehme: Vocals (Lebanon)
Imad Morcos: Qanun (Lebanon)
Zabih Vahid: Kamancheh (Iran)
Leila Renault: Double Bass (France)
Akash Bhatt: Tabla and Percussion (India)
Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar and vocals (Iran)

Guest musician:
Mohammad Zatari: Oud (Syria)

This concept is initiated by Mehdi Aminian and been developed together with Abeer Nehme

Special thanks to:
Rana Mokaddam the Ambassador of Lebanon in Romania for all her support

Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub and
The staff of Embassy of Lebanon in Romania
Father Francis Dobos and Saint Iosef Catherdral in Bucharest
The Lebanese community in Romania
The French Institute in Bucharest

September 2015


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