Quieter Than Silence – A Roots Revival Project in collaboration with creative arts. November 11, 2017 tour & Album launching

Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, Vocals (Iran)
Mohamad Zatari: Oud (Syria)
Leila Soldevila: Double Bass (France)
Behnam Masoumi: Tombak & Percussion (Iran)

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The line up of this performance is:

“Hezar Pareh” – 0:42
A composition by Mehdi Aminian inspired by Persian Chahar Pareh (A division in Persian Dastgah System)

Words by Hatef Esfahani (Year 1783)”

“You’re lurking and have your arrow ready to shoot me, and I am anxious and sorrowful.
And all my anxiety is caused by the possibility of you missing the target!”

“Don’t Go” – 6:22
Composed by Mohamad Zatari
Arranged by Both musicians

words by Rumi:

“Hidden as a soul, you enter through my heart!
O luster of my garden, you are my gracefully dancing cypress.
If you go, Don’t go without me; soul of my soul, Don’t go without body,
Do not depart out of my sight, O my blazing torch.”

“Falling Star” – 13:46
Composed by Mohamad Zatari followed by Ney and Double Bass duo Improvisation

“Chahar mezrab Dashti” – 20:00
A piece by Maestro Jalil Shahnaz
Arranged by Mehdi Aminian (Inspired by Kayhan Kalhor’s interpretation)

“Oud Solo” – 24:07
Mohamad Zatari

“Madness before Silence” – 28:10
A piece composed by Mehdi Aminian where the madness of rhythms struggles to find its peace and silence.

“A Shattered Beauty” – 33:40
An Old Syrian song (Hal’Asmar-ellon”) reinterpreted and rearranged by Mehdi Aminian & Mohamad Zatari

Percussion Solo – 38:14
Behnam Masoumi

“How long?” – 44:06
A composition by Mehdi Aminian inspired by Ommar Khayam poem (1048 -1131):

“How long to spend in sorrow wondering if I have enough or not…?
And a life time wondering if I spend my living euphorically or not…
Fill up the goblet since It’s not clear to me
This breath that I take in I take out or not… “
Ommar Khayam

“Lullaby for the travelling child” – 57:40
Composed by Mehdi Aminian
Arranged by both musicians

“My love, remain a kid,
The world will force you to grow.

My love remain a kid, you will be sick and tired of the world if you grow up.

It is so cruel that the moment you forget your childhood it turns you into a stone!”

Ahmad Shamloo

“October” – 1:04:26
Composed by Mehdi Aminian

“Quieter than Silence” is a project of the Roots Revival Cultural Association based in Vienna.

“What is this metaphor we call silence? In our music, silence does not want to abstain from utterance. On the contrary, it wants to render the intentional or imposed state of muteness on the way to universal consciousness and to sublime awareness. This music intends to create a space beyond silence (“Quieter than silence”), of the complete dissolution of speech. Speech that has been emptied of meaning in an ever noisier and aggressive world. A world where less than ever is being done to revive the human dignity trampled under never ending consumerism, wars, conflicts, nationalism and their consequences. This is an era where words and communication have lost their primary function.
This project makes the symbolic journey of returning to nothingness, a tabula rasa of existence in order to invest sounds with a new creative power, worthy of dialogue.

“Quieter than Silence” is rooted in Persian, Syrian and Sufi music cultures, applying various rhythmical and timbral elements throughout the process, which makes it a unique artistic repertoire hard to attribute it to particular geographical identity.

The ongoing conflicts around the world and the current tragedy in Syria in particular, existential contemporary issues, mystic Sufi literature and poetry and the various musical traditions from around the globe are the main inspirations in this album and its new approach to composition, rhythm and melody.

“Quieter than Silence” is a dedication to the wandering Syrians in distress and grief. It is a form of compassion and a protest against all the noise in the world.”

Video: Liri Alienor Chapelan

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Spotify: http://bit.ly/2rAel8d

Amazon: http://a.co/glUIpdR

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/42570441

Google Play: https://goo.gl/qAyHPs

Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/74742366

iTunes: http://apple.co/2s5rx8J

مهدی امینیان: نی, سه تار و آواز
محمد زعتری


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