Satpal Ram is a British man who was charged and convicted of killing Clarke Pearce in Birmingham, England during a fight in 1986. His case has drawn some controversy due to alleged mistreatment by the courts and the British prison system due to his racial background.

According to Satpal Ram, he and two friends visited a restaurant in November 1986. While there, an altercation broke out among Ram and his two friends and another group of six people also in the restaurant. The argument, which was initially over Asian music being played on the restaurant’s radio system, became a physical fight. Ram said that he stabbed one of the party of six, Clarke Pearce, in self-defence after Pearce attacked him with a broken bottle. Pearce was taken to hospital with knife wounds and later died. Consequently, Satpal Ram was arrested for murder and convicted in 1987.

Later debate and controversy arose among the British media when it was alleged that his barrister did not meet with him and only saw him for about forty minutes before the trial. The jury was claimed to have also missed vital evidence because no interpreter was provided to translate for a Bengali-speaking waiter who had been present at the incident. It is also alleged that the judge was to have said he would interpret but also that he couldn’t speak the Bengali language. Artists such as Asian Dub Foundation and Bobby Gillespie have championed Ram’s cause.

Other reports of Ram being beaten, starved, repeatedly strip-searched, and made to spend large periods of time in solitary confinement also arose, resulting in accusations of racism within the criminal justice system.

The protest for Ram’s release from prison involved a song by the Asian Dub Foundation entitled “Free Satpal Ram”. – WIKIPEDIA

The scales of justice
Weighed down on one side
Freemassons on the case
You know you’re gonna get a rough ride
Hold tight, even if you know your rights
It’s just a piece of paper unless you’re prepared to fight
For ten years, one hell of a long time to rot in a cell
When you’ve committed no crime
Another innocent man forced to carry the can
Free Satpal Ram!

Whose word against who?
The degenerate crew out on the town
Thought they had something to prove
Self defence is no offence
Had to protect himself from the murderous fools
Cutting remarks on account of his race
A plate to the chest and a glass in his face
An Asian fights back
Can’t afford to be meek
With your back against the wall
You can’t turn the other cheek.

Back away all you trouble makers
Fix up your brains ‘cos you’re the biggest fakers
You come in the place
Do you know who you are?
Free Satpal Ram!

Satpal Ram has been in prison for 10 years now, unjustly convicted of murder. He was attacked in a restaurant in Birmingham by six racists. Having been glassed in the face he had no choice but to def
end himself. One of the attackers got injured and later died after refusing treatment. Satpal was subsequently charged with murder.

Satpal was provided with lawyers who refused to argue his case. They made him change his plea of self-defence to that of manslaughter. Most of the prosecution evidence came from the group that attack
ed Satpal.

The all-white jury missed vital evidence because no interpreter was provided. The judge said he would interpret but couldn’t speak a word of Bengali.

The jury weren’t asked to consider if Satpal’s actions were in self-defence and found him guilty.

It’s taken ten years to get the Criminal Justice System to allow any appeal.

Enough is Enough!

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