IMARHAN – Achinkad

Imarhan is an Algerian Tuareg desert rock quintet formed in 2006, in Tamanrasset, Algeria. Their first two albums, Imarhan and Temet, were released on German record label City Slang.

‘Achinkad’ is from the new Imarhan album ‘Aboogi’, out January 28. Listen / Shop :

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Lyrics. Tamashek Arabic Welsh

Ehad ehdid odwa
Ad adwin etraness
Achal ed afo
Ad agloun imarhanet

Awindeur achinkad ifalan aranet
Idach michi adjen id idakan igachranet
Algafyat ibass tila
Adjitan chindjaness

Ed awindeur amshashwar tamzaladj tarhaness,
Akim oulhin imar hi derhaness
Imar hi tarhaness.

Lyrics. English
The Gazelle

When night falls,
the stars disappear.
When day breaks,
those who love her

This is the story of a gazelle
who is forced to abandon her child.
Danger has come to her homeland.
Peace no longer resides there.
Her enemies are legion.

It’s a scramble,
in which her love was lost.
My heart remains, seeking its desire,
Searching for the one it loves.


Director: Hafid Mohamed Amine
Assistant : Messad Lyes
Dancers : Bala Boubakar and Halwi Ahamad

Filmed July 2021 in Tamanrasset

Producers: Patrick Votan and Maxime Kosinetz
Mixing engineer: Maxime Kosinetz
Mastered by Benjamin Weber

Published by Inear publishing administrated by Warp Publishing

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