From Astraea (2012).

A fresh impact onto the unknown,
As promising as beginnings go.
Disrupt momentum,
It helps us move on.

Undeniably in doubt,
Confronting this argument.
The past is limited with silence,
Enlighten and repent.

Holding fragile moments dear but not one is sacred to you.

Mistaken immortality for failures,
Debilitated and taken down.

Blinded by intelligence at a lifetimes expense,
All that is evident misted with ignorance.

Disregard induced this decline,
Exhausted, scorned, worn and resigned.

What’s impractical?
What’s impossible?
To lead it on for so long.
Withdraw to where we’ve been before,
To go so far and no further.

Footage by Nic Britt, Charlotte Knight and Josh Connolly.
Directed and Edited by Charlotte Knight


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