ALICE IN CHAINS – Pro TV Archives 1990-1996

Alice In Chains – Pro TV Archives 1990-1996
HD Upload… Alice In Chains – Pro TV Clips 1990-1996 Blu-Ray!kZBGTI7C!QdVjmYxIF…

4.26.91 – Club Desoto – Seattle, Wa (Recorded For “Singles” Film)
It Aint Like That

9.20.91 – Academy Theater – New York, NY (ABC In Concert)
Man In The Box
Sea Of Sorrow

9.10.92 – Park Plaza Hotel- LA, Ca (Singles Premier Party)

12.31.92 – Roseland Ballroom- New York, Ny- (MTV New Years Eve Drops the Ball)
Angry Chair
Them Bones (Partial w/ credits)

2.26.93 – BBC Live with Jools Holland – London, England – (Original Air Date 5.07.93)
Them Bones

4.20.96 – Saturday Night Special – LA, Ca

5.10.96 Late Show with David Letterman – San Francisco, Ca
Again w/ We Die Young

1.22.93 – Hollywood Rock – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Master Source)
Love Hate Love
Angry Chair
Man In The Box

2.02.93 – Music Hall – Frankfurt, Germany (MTV Headbangers Ball) 1 Cam Pro
Dam That River (Partial)
Junkhead (Partial)
Sickman (Partial)

Thanks to Hilldiggity for some new sources!


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