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“In Time” by Danny Elfman from the album ‘Big Mess’, available now
Order at https://dannyelfman.ffm.to/bigmess

In time we all create ourselves
In time we make our own dominion
We make our homes, we make our hell
We make our paradise as well

Our lives, our tribes, our own religion
We build ourselves a grand illusion
Design our minds to find inclusion

In time it all falls down
Explodes without a sound
Like stars colliding deep in space

In time
In time
In time

© 2021 Danny Elfman, under exclusive license to Epitaph / Anti Music & lyrics published by Morte Pharmaceutical Music (BMI)

Vocals, Guitars & Synths by Danny Elfman
Bass – Stu Brooks
Guitar – Robin Finck
Female Vocal Soloist: Petra Haden
Cello Solo – Tim Loo

Music & Lyrics by Danny Elfman
Produced by Danny Elfman
Recorded by Noah Snyder
Mixed by Joel Hamilton
Mix Assistant: Francisco Botero
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound

String Orchestration by Steve Bartek
Orchestration Assistant: Marc Mann
Midi Prep: Orlando Perez Rosso
Additional Audio Editing: Christopher Bartek
Technical Assistant: Giacomo Lamparelli
Additional Engineering: Nick Rives & Matt Tuggle

Strings – Featuring the Lyris Quartet

Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra
Conductor: Peter Pejtsik
ProTools Engineer: David Lukacs
Recording Engineer: Gabor Buczko
Contractor/Session Producer: Miklos Lukacs

Recorded at: Studio Della Morte (LA), East Connection Music Recording / Studio 22 (Budapest), Capitol Studios (LA)

Executive Producer: Laura Engel
Project Producer: Melisa McGregor

Danny Elfman’s Representation – Kraft-Engel Management

Directed and Edited by Zev Deans
Written, Produced and Performed by Danny Elfman
Artificial Intelligence Animations by Lorem
Co-Director & Creative Director: Berit Gwendolyn Gilma
Director of Photography: Christopher Raymond
Executive Producer: Laura Engel
Production Manager: Vivian Gray
Art Direction: Nedda Afsari
Assistant Camera: Brendan McGowan
Line Producer: Melisa McGregor
Location: Hannah Vandermolen
Location Supervisor: Alexandria Bodie
Production Assistant: Samson Dube’
Additional AI: Harvey Moon
Danny’s Make Up: Meagan Hester

Starring: Bradley Bailey, Alex Baker, Joe Bakon, Berit Gilma, Sheila George, Jason Greene, Jane Hakopian, Brendon McGowan, Ralph Michiel, Gerard Polito, Lea Roman

Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Bradley Bailey


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