NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – Carnage (lyric video)

From the homonymous album (2021)

I always seem to be saying goodbye
And rolling through the mountains
Like a train
My uncle’s at the chopping block
Turning chickens into fountains
I’m a barefoot child
Watching in the rain
That stepped into this song
Taken a bow and stepped right out again
I’m sitting on the balcony
Reading Flannery O’Connor
With a pencil and a plan
This song is like a rain cloud
That keeps circling overhead
Here it comes around again
And it’s only love
With a little bit of rain
And I hope to see you again

A rain deer frozen in the headlights
Steps back into the woods
My heart it is an open road
Where we ran away for good
Look over there! Look over there!
The sun, a barefoot child with fire in his hair
And then a sudden sun explodes!
It was you, it was you and only you
And it’s only love
Driving through the rain
Rolling down the mountains
Like a train
It’s only love
And it comes on like a train
Rolling down the mountains
In the rain


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