HELADO NEGRO – Pais Nublado

From This Is How You Smile (2019)

obsesionado con mi boca
hablas sin respirar

despacio te digo
porque nos falta un tiempo mas

para pasear este
pais nublado

and I haven’t lost my mind thinking about you

and i haven’t lost my breathe
shouting all the things we’re about to do

and we’ll take our turn
and we’ll take our time
knowing that we’ll be here long after you.

Para pasear este
pais nublado

Laughing longer
Smiling harder
Makes me feel

feeling stronger
holding on to you

Para pasear este pais nublado.

Raimundo classical guitar, Ableton Live, Korg Monologue, Critter + Guitari Organelle, Omnisphere and voice –
Roberto Carlos Lange

Additional instrumentation:
Voice – Adron
Synthesizer – Chris Devoe & Bryan Abdul Collins.
Drums – Jay Wynne

Recorded at
Island Universe Space – Brooklyn, NY
AIR Serenbe – Atlanta, GA
411 – Brooklyn, NY

Mixed at
Heard City – Brooklyn, NY

Music video footage generously shared by friends and family of moments while in trance with the everyday or the unusual. Edited by RCL, Thank you:


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