Official music video for MINISTRY’s “Sabotage Is Sex” feat. Jello Biafra from the album MORAL HYGIENE, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

In our post-democracy
Techno, robber, baron age
From birth to bacon
Toilets to tilt-a-whirl
Enjoy the plague
It could be your last

Sabotage is sex
Down with the Titanic
Sabotage is sex

When a body cam shows body slam
A tiny traffic ticket leads to bang, bang, bang
(I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe)
We hunt your color for sport

Sabotage is sex
It is open season on the oppressed
Sabotage is sex
The herd wants us to die

Good trouble
Evil trouble
Weird trouble
Necessary trouble

Let freedom ring
Lеt freedom ring
Let freedom ring (let freedom ring)

Freedom from religion
Freedom from starvation
Freedom from pollution
And planеt destruction
(Freedom) from being broke
And living in the street (let freedom ring)
Freedom from disease
Freedom from police

Fight the power with fear

Fight the power with fear

Fight the power with fear
Fear’s a patriotic doobie
Fight the power with fear
Insurrection in the street

traitors true to anyone
(Sabotage is sex) this city is ours
Oh, Gee
IG’s departful matter
Jello Biafra