L’ECLAIR – Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)

Swiss sextet L’Eclair play an ever-evolving, undefinable brand of groove-heavy instrumentals which effortlessly fuse the band’s many influences, including Krautrock, Afrobeat, funk, and library music. The band’s first few recordings, such as 2019’s Sauropoda, captured the freewheeling, improvisatory spirit of their live shows, while 2021’s sprawling Confusions was a more ambitious, focused studio production. Keyboard player Sébastien Bui and guitarist Stefan Lilov conceived L’Eclair in 2015 while they were living in London following their high school graduation. After moving back to their home city of Geneva, the band began to take shape as bassist Elie Ghersinu and drummer Yavor Lilov joined, with percussionist Quentin Pilet and keyboardist/cowbell player Alain Sandri completing the lineup. The group performed well-received concerts …


  1. Verso
  2. P+R
  3. Cosmologies
  4. Clubless
  5. Timbacrack

Alain Sandri – Percussion / Mellotron
Elie Ghersinu – Bass
Quentin Pillet – Percussion
Sébastien Bui – Synths
Stefan Lilov – Guitar / Synth
Yavor Lilov – Drum, MPC
Benoit Erard – Dub FXs

Session recorded at Ritmo Studio in Leysin, Switzerland
Recording & Mixing: Benoit Erard
Mastering: Kevin Suggs
Camera & Light: Sophie Dascal, Marc Vaudroz & Raphaël Dubach
Editing: Marc Vaudroz
Color Grading: Raphaël Dubach

In collaboration with Jeunes Sauvages