2 Live Crew 🇺🇸 Banned in the U☆S☆A (Documentary)

By 1989, Miami rap group The 2 Live Crew’s ultimately double-platinum album As Nasty As They Wanna Be was quickly climbing the hip-hop charts. The lead single, “Me So Horny” was a crossover hit. Their unique blend of Southern rap and “party record” comedy bits had expanded well beyond their core audience of Southern Blacks. The vulgar lyrics and booty-shaking dances had infiltrated the white suburbs. Mothers were appalled to hear their kids’ mouth couplets such as, “You said it yourself, you like it like I do/Put your lips on my dick, and suck my asshole, too.” With pearls thoroughly clutched, those mothers turned to conservative and Christian leaders to save the souls of their sons. And this is how Luther Campbell ended up three years later in front of a jury fighting for his First Amendment rights… [+]


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