LIDO PIMIENTA – Performance & Interview (And To All A Good Home)

KEXP + Starbucks present And To All A Good Home, a benefit series supporting Mary’s Place and the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign, featuring Lido Pimienta.


  1. La Olas De La Mar (Cover) by Martina Camargo
  2. Quiero Que Me Salves
  3. Pelo Cucu
  4. Te Quería
  5. Eso Que Tu Haces

Lido Pimienta – Vocals / Live Looping / Songwriter / Co-Producer
Brandon Valdivia – Percussion / Vocals
Harold Camacho – Percussion / Vocals
Beny Esguerra (New Tradition Music) – Percussion / Vocals

Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea – Co-Producer / Director / Editor
Sara Linares Arbeláez – Assistant Producer / Camera
Danielle Tellier – Camera
Andres Landau – Co-Producer / Camera

Aleda DeRoche – Sound Mixing & Engineer
Kvesche Bijons-Ebacher – Sound Assistant

Makeup and Styling – Rahnell Branton

Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. Particularly during this pandemic, the safest place for a family to be is in their own home. Whether in shelter or a car or a tent, Mary’s Place priority is to help families find housing as quickly as possible, and to stay housed through these challenging economic times.


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