FAITH NO MORE – Blood | Courtney Love On Vocals (1984)

Thanks to long-time fans and a wondrous thing called Youtube, new music surfaced from over 30 years ago. Courtney Love, who fronted the band Faith No More for about six months, was working on their debut album. Unfortunately that music never saw the light of day; until now. This is the second time new music surfaced by the former lead singer. The first video was posted in 2013. Faith No More is proving to have quite an intricate past. Courtney Love paved the way for frontman Chuck Mosley, then eventually Mike Patton.

She began working with the rest of the crew from Faith No More after seeing the band play a show, then she made a pitch to the crew telling them that she was the missing piece that their band needed. She became a very worthy artist in the band because her attitude was perfect for their style of music. In the 1994 “The Real Story” by Steffan Chirazi’s biography of the band Bill Gould commented on why her stage presence was so perfect for their band. He said,

“This girl Courtney came along, she saw us play, and made the huge pitch about knowing what we wanted and being able to do it.She was good because she was as annoying as hell…and really aggressive.”

In her 1984 live video, she plays their song “Blood.” Her career with the band proved to be quite short-lived. Love was fired after several shows because of the overwhelming nature of the music industry. Recordings of that short time where Love performed seems to be pretty scarce, but they do exist.
Now you can listen to her never-before-seen live video of “Blood” off 1987’s debut Introduce Yourself[+]


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