SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – Powerless | Live in LA (last show, 2011)

This song was played at the midpoint of the show. Before the song starts, Nils also speaks a little about the band and the song, adding a little context about the current status of the band. This was the last song I recorded that evening. Filmed at The Troubadour. “Powerless” is from Grand Opening and Closing (2001).

Let me give it all to the very small things
That leaves me…powerless
I see my face from another time
From another day gone by (good-bye)
Arrogant and fast
A smile that leaks onto the saddest things
I know I know then what I don’t know now
What I’ll never know again
Smaller now
Finding some shoes
Losing your feet
Finding some food
Losing your teeth
There was a time when the world was mine
Now it’s yours and I’m…powerless
I hear your voice from another time
From a day yet to come (here it comes)
Beautiful and slow
A tear that washes through the gladdest things
Now I’ve forgotten how not to give it all to the
Very small joy that leaves me in tears and…closer now

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