PRIMUS – Conspiranoia

From the new EP, Conspiranoid, available digitally on 4/22.

Lloyd Boyd was conspiranoid
barking chem trails in the skies
Claiming Bill Gates had put microchips
in the chicken pot pies
Launching himself in his lawn chair
proving the earth was flat
Microwaving his burritos now he
always wears his tin foil hat


Marion Barrion Contrarian
felt Dr. Tony was selling her lies
So to keep from getting the big bad flu she sprinkled cat urine into her eyes
With garlic cloves in her nostrils
and dryer sheets taped to her head
Marion Barrion Contrarian
is now stinking up a hospital bed


Can lead a horse to water
but you cannot make him drink
You can guide a fool towards logic
but you’ll rarely make him think
Be weary of Conspiranoia
As purveyors, abound
For an open mind too open
spills it’s contents on the ground


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