Zelensky: The Man with the Iron Balls – CLAYPOOL, HÜTZ, COPELAND, LENNON, RYABTSEV & STRINGS

To show your support for Ukraine, please send in video clips of you, your friends, colleagues, children, pets, favorite ventriloquist dummy, or anything else you may deem appropriate or wonderfully inventive, clapping along to the song, “Zelensky: The Man With The Iron Balls.”

It doesn’t have to be high production — just use your phone, video camera, or old Bolex, send the footage to ironballs@primusville.com. Let the world know that you will no longer stand for this rampant “bully mentality”, and that you support the man and people who refuse to let their liberties be undermined.

Les Claypool — Bass, Vocals
Stewart Copeland — Percussion
Eugene Hütz — Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Sean Lennon — Guitar, Vocals
Sergey Ryabtsev — Violin
Billy Strings — Acoustic guitar

Music by Les Claypool
Lyrics by Les Claypool and Eugene Hütz
Video by Cage Claypool


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