Anti-Racist Skinheads Fighting Nazis: The Baldies | Full-Length Documentary

Skinhead culture started as multi-cultural, working-class, and anti-racist, but soon was co-opted by white supremacy. To fight back against Nazis, the Baldies were formed in Minneapolis and beyond.

00:00 Minnesota Experience presents the Baldies 00:29 This is the story of the Baldies 05:54 The origins of Skinhead culture and it’s anti-racist and working-class roots 11:21 Becoming the Baldies 16:26 The media takes over the term “Skinhead” 18:32 White supremacy, Nazis, and the Baldies 25:27 White power bands in Minnesota 26:18 The Baldies and the mob mentality 29:33 The women of the Baldies fighting sexism 32:38 Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice and Anti-Racist Action 37:01 The Baldies’ violent interactions with Nazis…and its consequences 39:03 The Baldies come to Portland 42:33 White supremacy through lines – from the 80s to now 45:26 Members of the Baldies now

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