Insolite (“odd”, “weird”, in French) designates, according to the etymology, everything that is unusual and escapes the realm of the ordinary. […] The word itself tells me more and less at the same time: it suggests something rare, in fact, but of a special and incisive rareness that is not limited to a simple average in the statistical evaluation of the frequency of beings. […] After some reflection, it seems to me that an unusual object (objet insolite) has the main and constant feature of breaking with the set of objects among which it appears, forming, so to speak, a separate category, appearing as alien and overlaid, in the manner of an added piece or a false note: like a Martian drinking tea in a London pub, a nun participating in the activities of the Communist Party (there seem to be some), a farm tractor strutting around in the middle of a bourgeois salon, as in Marcel Aymé’s The Minotaur, or, finally, as the small detail that does not fit into the set of facts related to it and, therefore, ends up drawing the attention of the police. A normal object is recognized by its connaturality in relation to the objects that surround it; an unusual object (objet insolite) by its impossibility of being assimilated to them. That is why their juxtaposition implies a phenomenon that resembles the superposition of two parallel worlds, comparable to that of the cinema, when it fuses two scenes into one.

Clément Rosset, Principes de sagesse et de folie [Principles of Wisdom and Folly] (2004)

High Castle Teleorkestra is a genre-defying music ensemble, a supergroup formed by highly skilled musicians who are well-known for their previous work in a variety of music groups and projects: bassist Tim Smolens (Estradasphere, I.S.S., Don Salsa), violinist Timba Harris (Estradasphere, former SC3, Probosci, Ultraphauna), Dave Murray (Estradasphere, The Deserts of Träun), saxophonist ‘Bär’ McKinnon (Mr. Bungle, Umlaut), Norwegian accordionist Stian Carstensen (Farmers Market), and guitarist Chris Bogen.

A wide array of genres, both modern and traditional, are skillfully blended by HCT: from Romanian gypsy to metal, from Bulgarian folk to 50s surf, from metal to jazz and doo-wop, from exotica to Italian film score. If you are a fan of Estradasphere, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Fantomas, John Zorn, The Deserts of Träun, Orange Tulip Orchestra, Atomic Ape, Red Fiction, Umlaut, and other genre-defying bands in this spectrum, High Castle Teleorkestra is definitely for you.

HCT’s music has the poetic and dramaturgic virtue of transporting the listener to fictional worlds and sceneries, through plots involving a multitude of characters and situations. Some of the songs are inspired by the sci-fi universe of Philip K. Dick, such as ‘The Aramchek accusation’ and ‘Valisystem’. The title of the album, “Radio Free Albemuth part 1”, is based on a book by the author that had initially been discarded and was published posthumously in 1985.

The group is a ‘Teleorkestra’ because their debut album (The Egg That Never Opened: Radio Free Albemuth part 1) was remotely recorded by each of the musicians as they were located in different parts of the world.

Check out the band’s official website:


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